Private utility locating delivered with precision, timeliness and integrity. On the spot? We think so.

Our Promise

On The Spot Utility Locating is a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) founded in 2008 with one goal in mind: to replace the industry standard of transactional-based locating with an authentic partnership-driven approach specializing in damage prevention. We guide our business with three basic principles: precision, timeliness and integrity.

We’re careful to treat our sub-surface locating as a critical step in the execution of your project, not just a legal requirement. This is just another On The Spot distinguishment. By taking time to fully understand your end goal, we can ensure precise and always on-time solutions that will keep your structure safe from utility conflict and costly damages.¬†We don’t just strive to be the leaders in damage prevention; it’s ingrained in our process. This strategy has saved our partners a combined over 1 million dollars in projected disasters and project costs.

From our foundation, On The Spot has treated partners like old friends. We’re as authentic as they come. When we work together, we develop solutions with your best interest as our priority ‚Äď and we’ll be the first to speak up when safety is a concern. We like to say that we do business the old-fashioned way ‚Äď our team is our family and our projects are our livelihood.

When we shake hands, we’re signifying more than an appreciation for the opportunity to be part of your project; we’re promising to stand by you from¬†groundbreaking to grand opening and beyond.

Allison Long

Allison Long is an enthusiastic relationships-driven manager with a marketing mindset. As the President and Co-Owner of On the Spot, Allison partners with business owners, local utility members and contractors to identify cost-saving, innovative methods of protecting underground utility infrastructure from potential compromise and/or damage.

Allison graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a Business Degree in Marketing. She is an accomplished manager who has distinguished herself in a variety of leadership and operational roles over the course of her career, even serving as a consultant to business owners in the world’s largest quick service restaurant.

Allison serves on the Southwest Damage Prevention Council, is a member of the Common Ground Alliance, a Mother of two and an avid Football Fan.

Brandon Long

Brandon Long is a long-time veteran to damage prevention. He firmly believes that the success of his clients is directly dependent on the timeliness and accuracy of the damage prevention services he provides, and his own utility locating ability has distinguished him as an industry leader.

Despite his familiarity with the industry, Brandon is in constant pursuit of providing the best possible service to his clients through an innovative and transformative approach. He approaches each challenge as an opportunities to advance his knowledge of the industry and thus apply that understanding to future projects.

Brandon’s extensive industry-specific knowledge and talent in the field has helped him build a team of specialists that are transforming the industry standard of utility locating into one of skilled craft.