Our private utility locating services are contributing to infrastructure projects that are transforming skylines, revitalizing communities, and boosting economies.

Our Services

With a team boasting over 200 years of combined experience delivering precise, timely results to the private locating industry, On The Spot is one of the most trusted locating firms in the Midwest.

Our highly-trained team is dedicated to protecting your infrastructure and people from utility conflict and costly destruction by positioning damage prevention at the forefront of our strategies. On The Spot has located infrastructure-supporting utilities and lines for a broad range of industries including local and state government entities, agriculture, private companies and property owners, contractors and beyond.

We’re proud to offer our safety-centric services in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Minnesota, with private locating services also offered in Colorado:

GPR is a non-destructive geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface. GPR can be utilized to find underground storage tanks and non-conductive subsurface facilities, as well as utilities that otherwise cannot be located using traditional methods, otherwise known as untoneables. GPR is available upon request. 

We have the equipment and expertise to quickly locate the point of compromise along faulty underground wiring, including electrical services, invisible fencing, communication lines, etc.

On the Spot has the capability to locate conduits, ducts, storm and sanitary sewer facilities up to 1,000 ft. We can also locate live water and gas services with the stuffing box and rodding system up to 200 ft.

Our team has the capability to locate pothole/daylight utilities, slot trench, keyhole utilities, etc. Also known as soft excavation, vacuum excavation is a method used to safely expose underground facilities for construction or engineering purposes without compromise to the facility. Service currently available in Indiana and Kentucky

It is estimated that 65% of all buried facilities are private utilities, or facilities past the point of meter, or main. Our team specializes in the location of these facilities.

On the Spot can aid in the collection of GIS data for various customer needs including print verification and print corrections.

Our team can allocate manpower as needed or requested to supervise contractors digging in, on or around high-profile facilities. This ensures safe digging practices around critical infrastructures.